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_POM_ Events

The Photonics Online Meetup organization strongly believes in its mission statement of free access to high-quality technical information, and is looking to help promote any individuals or organizations that are interested in following it. To this end, we are backing officially affiliated _POM_ events, which are grassroots conferences independently hosted in the spirit of POM around the world. As an affiliated _POM_ event, we will link to your conference on our website, promote it on the official POM social media pages, and promote it during flagship POM events, at no cost to the organizations.

To be considered an officially affiliated _POM_ event, your organization must agree to follow the guidelines and code of conduct below. POM reserves the right to change these terms at any time without prior notice.

Only conferences listed on this page are affiliated with POM.

Sept 10-11, 2020Belgian photonics community
Dec 4, 2020Canadian photonics community
Mar 1-5, 2021Machine learning for quantum physics 


  1. Provide the founders of POM at with a short proposal with the following information:
    1. Name and affiliation of the organizers
    2. Suggested name for your _POM_ event: e.g., Bio_POM, POM_UK. (We will provide the logo file for you to adapt.)
    3. Topic(s) of the event
    4. Type(s) of activities at the event: conference, poster sessions, tutorials, career event
    5. Target audience: local, national, international, language or scientific field, students, etc.
    6. Dates and approximate duration. The dates of the event should not coincide with any flagship POM events.
  2. The scientific standards should be high — at or above the level of typical talks at professional conferences, university seminars or poster sessions.
  3. The event should be entirely free for all speakers and attendees.
  4. The events should be live and not pre-recorded. Videos can be recorded and put online with the explicit agreement of the speakers.

In addition to exchanging scientific or technical content with the photonics community, _POM_ events should share the same overarching mission as the flagship POM. Briefly, the goals of your event should include:

  1. being maximally accessible to all audiences
  2. reducing the carbon footprint of conference travel
  3. reducing the burden on families due to conference travel
  4. reducing the cost of conference participation

The organizers should also take care to:

  1. diversify their committees, speakers, and chairs (diversity of gender, career stage…)
  2. treat everyone with respect
  3. acknowledge, where possible, the flagship POM events