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As our organization evolves, we are constantly developing new content and infrastructure for online dissemination.

Below is a record of resources produced by the organizers of the Photonics Online Meetup that may help others launch their own online conferencing initiatives. We will keep this page updated as our team develops more templates and procedures. Feel free to use any of our resources — but please acknowledge POM if you do. When appropriate, please cite our “how-to” article.

How-to guide

We published a how-to guide based on our shared experience organizing the original POM in January of 2020. You can access the article directly on the journal page, or an open-access version on arXiv.

Twitter poster template

We developed a template for online posters, optimized in terms of aspect ratios and font sizes for Twitter-based poster sessions. An example poster can is below, together with guidelines for the poster session.

Example 4-panel twitter poster

Virtual reality poster session

In addition to the Twitter-based virtual poster session, we are experimenting with using virtual reality (using the cross-platform Mozilla Hubs). Each virtual room allows up to 15 people, who can then mingle with each other and the poster presenters, just like in a physical conference. Below are our instructions on how to get started with Mozilla Hubs.
Virtual Reality Poster session

(We thanks Ariel Levenson for introducing us to the Mozilla Hubs platform.)